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Case Management

Neuro-Rehab Management’s philosophy of case management is interdisciplinary, individualized, and holistic. Our case managers, with input from the client and their family, formulate an assessment of needs prior to the development of an individualized service plan (ISP). The ISP is based on the individual’s needs with particular emphasis on each person’s strengths, interests and level of functioning. 


Case Management Services include:

  • Assessment of functional living skills (including identification of needed supports and recommendations for services)

  • Developing individualized goals and compensatory strategies

Screenshot 2021-07-07 122625.jpg
  • Medical and rehabilitation treatment coordination

  • Advocacy and resource identification

  • Facilitating community reintegration and access to therapeutic activities

  • Securing public entitlements

  • Establishing connections to community-based resources

  • Ongoing oversight and adjustments to the service plan

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