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Message from Founder & Principal

Welcome to Neuro-Rehab Management, Inc. and thank you for visiting our website.  


Neuro-Rehab Management (NRM) was founded in 1988 by four professionals who understood the limited community-based resources available for individuals with brain injuries and their family members.  This became painstakingly evident when we were discharging individuals with brain injuries from the post-acute program in which we worked. Working in the field of brain injury rehabilitation, we learned that skills do not generalize from one setting to another. Therefore, working in the environment where someone lives and/or works leads to longer term success.    


Neuro-Rehab Management provides community-based case management and community support services to individuals with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological conditions.  We are client focused and service plans are personalized to meet specific needs/goals of the individual.  We communicate and collaborate with providers and other team members to provide a holistic approach to service planning for our clients.


I strongly feel our greatest asset at NRM is our talented and dedicated staff.  Our case managers have backgrounds in social work, occupational therapy, mental health, recreational therapy, and rehabilitation counseling. Their knowledge and experience, coupled with NRM’s core values of respect, cultural awareness, a person-centered approach, accountability, professionalism, and our commitment to our clients, provide the foundation for our high-quality services.


The relationships we develop with clients and their caregivers/family members are what enable these individuals to take steps towards independence, knowing we will be there to support and assist.  Our staff are knowledgeable about brain injury resources and are integrated in the brain injury community. Our administrative staff are caring, knowledgeable, and are the backbone that allow our case managers to do their jobs every day.  We care deeply about empowering individuals in identifying purpose and meaning in their lives. I am honored to work with this team and deeply appreciate their commitment to the field.


Although this work is challenging, our clients and their family members have shown persistence, resilience, and great courage in their rehabilitative journeys.  Because of our clients and their family members, we remain committed to our mission of assisting individuals in making positive changes in their lives.    


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about our services.  We look forward to hearing from you.




Mary E. Roach

Founder & Principal

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