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Position: Case Manager (Full-Time in Office/Remote )



The Case Manager, through working on the Wounded Warrior Independence Program, ensures that each veteran within their scope of responsibility receives a comprehensive assessment, a plan of care, and the high-quality delivery of services in accordance with the plan of care. The Case Manager will participate in the delivery of services in various states. Some travel is required in the performance of the responsibilities described above and below. Evening and weekend work hours may also be required in certain instances to ensure the proper delivery of service.



1. Provide an in-depth clinical assessment of each client including but not limited to:

  • Veteran status and military history

  • Medical status

  • Physical functioning

  • Cognitive/communicative functioning

  • Psycho/social status

  • Behavioral health assessment

  • Independent living status

  • Vocational/avocational/educational status

2. Develop a plan of care with the client to include:

  • Identification of services and resources

  • Determination of the need for community support specialist

  • Contact with community agencies to facilitate the contracting process for community- based services

3. Coordinate services as identified in the plan of care:

  • Coordination of regular team meetings with client, community-based service provider(s) and other team members as appropriate

  • Determine the need for “FEES”

  • Maintain regular communication with the Independence Program Specialists through the Wounded Warrior Project.

4. Maintain ongoing communication with community resources and the client to plan and identify potential future barriers.

5. Provide ongoing evaluation of services and modifications to the care plans as necessary.

6. Review notes from community support specialists and generate a tri-annual status report. Adhere to documentation requirements for WWP.

7. Provide case management services to individuals in various states.

8. Participate in relevant WWP activities as requested.

9. Participate in regular clinical team meetings.

10.Participate in in-service or other trainings as required.

11.Maintain a complete and accurate billing record for all clinical and administrative activities.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a health care or related field (e.g. rehabilitation counseling, social work, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, education, veterans’ services)

  • Two years’ experience as a case manager including experience in management of clients with disabilities

  • Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills and problem-solving skills

  • Demonstrates the ability to be flexible

  • Demonstrates the ability to work as a team member



  • Previous experience working with veterans​

  • Has prior experience in working with catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries, blast injuries, spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions

  • Bilingual

  • Brain Injury Specialist Certification


Note: In its sole discretion, Neuro-Rehab Management may determine that an alternative combination of academic preparation (degree from an accredited college or university) and professional experience and accomplishment other than described above also meets the requirements for this position.

Neuro-Rehab Management is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.


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